SAP Technical Support

We here in LOYIC offer SAP technological support services:

  • System monitoring and maintenance.
  • Improvement and update implementation.
  • Other innovation strategies

We resolve any problem related with SAP's functioning, highly specialised in, SAP RE-FX for real estate management.

As we have extensive experience and we understand the difficulty that a prolonged incident can cause, our technical SAP service provides a dynamic, professional and reliable response.

How we do it

  • Immediate response.
  • As soon as you contact us, a member of our Client Services Department will categorise your request/issue. Another professional (who is in charge of these issues) will automatically pick up the notice and assign a consultant to resolve your incident.
  • Once the error is detected, the Client Services Professional will inform you about how it has been categorised and how long it will take to resolve. And then we'll do it.


  • We boast a team of SAP specialists specialists with proven experience, dedicated exclusively to assisting you.

    All our employees are highly qualified and will dedicate QUALITY TIME to your requests.


We hope to become your SAP technological 'partner'.

In addition to attending to your most urgent needs, we'll accompany you in making strategic decisions which help you improve the efficiency of the processes and improve your project's profitability.

And more

  • System monitoring and maintenance. Software usage level analysis.
  • Regular updates, adjustments and process and functionality optimisation of the new versions are available, always causing the least hassle possible for your company's operations.
  • We know the Add-Ons available on the market to complement SAP RE-FX.
  • We have our own proprietary Process Map Library, business intelligence that you can benefit from.
  • Technological innovation: we define, build and implement the SAP solutions that your project needs.
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