SAP job offers, do you want to join our project?

If you are looking for a job in SAP consultancy that fulfils you, and in which you feel listened to and valued, you’ll be interested to see our job offers.

Seeing as the objective for both parties - that’s you and us - is to be equally as satisfied with our professional relationships in SAP consultancy, let’s put our cards on the table right away! Don’t you think?

At LOYIC we are captivated by:

  • Talent.
  • People who enjoy working in teams of SAP consultants.
  • People who are motivated to continually learn, to develop and constantly improve themselves.


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These are some of our secret ‘weapons’ to persuade you:

  • Your talent is paramount. And we will nourish it every day
  • We will guide you in your incorporation. Until you are familiar with the working environment and with your work colleagues, (it won’t take long, we promise) you will have someone alongside you who’ll let you know what is required of you and what you have to do to achieve it.
  • We’ll support you, so that you are trained in those areas that you consider essential for your professional development. We’ll also guide you in doing it, offering you our vision. Because if you grow, the team grows. And because what’s good for you, is good for all of us.
  • We will recognise your good work and we’ll apply the principle of the author Charles Dickens to your mistakes: “Every failure teaches a man something, if he will but learn.”
  • You’ll feel part of a group which has commitment and drive. You’ll enjoy being with colleagues who inspire you (you’ll also inspire them, we’re sure of it) and with whom you’ll want to spend time outside the office.

So what do you think? Are you on board?

Our job offers


LOYIC experiences

  • Pau SAP Developer Team Lead - Barcelona
    “LOYIC is a company with a great atmosphere, that concerns itself with trying to do things well, so that its employees are happy and have a good work-life balance.

    I have learnt a great deal over the 4 years that I have been working in LOYIC. I’ve had to face many professional challenges that have enabled me to evolve.”
    Pau, Developer Team Lead - Barcelona
  • Joaquin SAP Trainee IT Systems - Barcelona
    “The best thing about this company is the great communication at work, the camaraderie and the organisation of everything, as well as the facilities (office, IT equipment, etc.).”
    Joaquin, Trainee IT Systems - Barcelona
  • Manuel SAP Developer - Barcelona
    “The best thing about LOYIC are its employees, the team of people who work here. It’s a great place to make a living. I have learnt how to programme and to perform some really important tasks.”
    Manuel, Developer - Barcelona
  • Jorge SAP Consultant - Barcelona
    “I’ve learnt how to want to be better, and how to give so much more in every respect. I’ve learnt how to be a better professional, focused on guaranteeing the best quality of work, with maximum performance, in the most efficient way possible.

    I have learnt that the support from colleagues is unconditional and that there’s always room for improvement.”
    Jorge, Consultant - Barcelona
  • Susana SAP Consultant - Barcelona
    “For me the best bit about LOYIC is the working environment. It makes it a nice place to work… friendship, collaboration…

    LOYIC represents a great opportunity for my professional development, to learn and to enjoy being at work. At LOYIC I have learnt so much and I continue to do so every day. Not just about SAP FI, RE-FX, PS…, but about how to work as a team, always striving for quality in our work.”
    Susana, Consultant - Barcelona
  • Alejandro SAP Consultant - Madrid
    “For me, LOYIC is a place where people who understand consultancy like I do, work. It’s a job that requires creativity, innovation and a lot of dedication. The men and women are precisely the best part of our company: the people who work in LOYIC.”
    Alejandro, Consultant - Madrid
  • Xavier SAP Trainee Developer - Barcelona
    “I’ve learnt how to work as a team and to share out the tasks. I’ve learnt how to programme and I’ve learnt a language and a new technology that I didn’t know about. I’ve got used to being in a company, in a work environment, and maintaining standards.”
    Xavier, Trainee Developer - Barcelona
  • Cristian SAP Junior Developer - Barcelona
    “The best thing about LOYIC is the atmosphere, because it’s like one big family and we get along really well; we work as a team.”
    Cristian, Junior Developer - Barcelona

Even if there isn’t a vacancy within our offers which matches your profile, please still send us your CV. We will save it (honestly)and you’ll be included in all our selection processes that match up to your training and experience.

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If you are an IT, technology or business studies student, or you have training in an area related to SAP, you can apply to learn alongside us. What do we promise? That you’ll grow and feel useful from the very first day, within a group that will take you in and show you the way.

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