Our SAP solution to manage municipal taxes and fees is based on the combination of different standard SAP modules (Flexible Real Estate Management-RE-FX and SAP FIORI).

The tool has everything necessary to optimise your experience as a user and so that you can work in this area of real estate asset management transparently and effectively. Our SAP analysts have taken each and every one of the processes involved in the management of municipal taxes and fees into account to develop this tool.

The main functionalities of the solution are:

  • Creating and managing the taxes received, including reading the bar code.
  • Managing and control of documentation attached to the tax.
  • Accounting and payment of the tax.
  • Managing the revenue collection bodies, including creating, modifying and withdrawing them.
  • Managing appeals lodged to revenue collection bodies.
  • Managing credits arising from the resolution of appeals.
  • Updating the land registry information for the properties.