SAP Real Estate

We turn SAP into a powerful tool to manage your real estate assets: Real Estate

We adapt the SAP standard to the needs of your business/project with specific programming techniques for SAP RE-FX:

  • Business data toolset (bdt)
  • Business add in (badi)
  • Business application programming interface (bapi)
  • Others

All the personalised solutions implemented
by our SAP experts will improve your processes and results.

With our help you'll achieve:

Real Estate

  • Greater visibility
  • Better investment decisions
  • Risk reduction
  • Detection of weak points
  • Increase of rental revenues
  • Cost reduction
  • Compliance of financial information standards
  • Acceleration of invoicing processes


Real Estate

  • Contracts
  • Accounting
  • Determining the rates and distribution of taxes for mixed-use Real Estate elements (commercial and non-commercial).
  • Rental solutions based on sales
  • Oversight
  • Adjusting conditions
  • Service charge solutions
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