SAP solution designed for companies which manage real estate asset developments and outsource management and construction to different external suppliers.

For the development of the tool, our SAP experts have taken into account the complexity that development management presents, due to the intervention of different actors and also the difficulty in collecting and integrating all the relevant information in the process. The solution is therefore based on 2 principles:

  1. Standard SAP functionality. Different modules have been used to cover the entire process flow.
  2. FIORI user interface. User interaction has been organised with the different SAP modules: Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX), Project System (PS) and Material Management (MM). This translates into a simple, personalised user experience.

The SAP solution for development management allows:


  • Massive analysis of the status of different developments.
  • Updating of the RE master data based on the information of the development.
  • Studies on plot feasibility and progress of developments to be carried out.
  • Interaction with the different parties involved in the process, as well as with external suppliers for preparing the business plan, the project fit, etc.
  • Monitoring the approval flow of feasibility studies.
  • Charging structure for the project’s PEPs.
  • Analysis and approval of the different external suppliers.
  • Bidding for and contracting of external suppliers.
  • Control of timings and deviations in project planning.
  • Control of the costs attributed to the structure of instalments that make up the project.

All this translates into benefits for users:


  • Greater productivity: faster and more direct access to relevant information and applications.
  • Central and role-based access point that allows access to the main business processes from any platform.
  • Help in selecting the next steps.
  • It allows fast, substantiated measures to be taken.
  • Greater user satisfaction.

The improvements provided by the tool:


  • Integration of operations from a single access point.
  • Definition of a management control model.
  • Reporting tools that help in decision making.
  • Information and management control in real time.
  • Friendly interface system, easy to use and highly reliable.