The SAP solution to manage real estate appraisals is fully integrated with Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX), FI-AF and MM.

Our SAP experts and analysts have created a tool that provides support to the entire appraisal operation following the standard, and which also includes active and dynamic communication with the eight main appraisal companies on the Spanish market.

With this sub-module, we provide companies that manage real estate assets with a complete and standard solution (in the process of certification with SAP) to efficiently manage the voluminous appraisal processes.

The tool allows users to:

  • Request, register, validate and accept appraisals with a standard protocol integrated with the eight major Spanish appraisers.
  • Update the RE master data (rental object, property registration and evaluation book) based on the information contained in the appraisal.
  • Calculate and account for the provision due to impairment based on these appraisals.
  • Request services and invoice appraisers.