Corporate policies

LOYIC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, SL is a company in the SAP Consultancy sector, specialising in the technological area of real estate management (RE-FX). Dedicated to SAP RE-FX since 1998, our team has more than twenty years of experience in this module.

At LOYIC we are committed to innovation and quality. This is why an Information Technology Services Management System has been established, to arrive at the greatest possible knowledge of the tools available for SAP, enabling us to offer meticulous recommendations, agile time frames, flexible approaches and total commitment to our clients. We seek excellence in all our services, offering implementation of advanced systems with custom-made solutions corresponding to our clients' needs.

LOYIC, aware that information security as regards our clients is a very valuable resource, has adopted an Information Security Management System to guarantee information system continuity, minimize damage risks and ensure compliance with the objectives established.

LOYIC has adopted the following directives as a corporate policies:

  • We provide our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their functions appropriately.
  • We maintain our commitment to continually improve processes, procedures, products and services, through the use of quality indicators.
  • We use standardized procedures, methodologies and work tools and conduct internal audits to ensure their correct use.
  • We ensure that the planning of every project is up-to-date and carry out the follow-up and control procedures necessary to guarantee compliance with the established objectives in terms of time, cost and quality.
  • We ensure compliance with the service agreements reached with our clients and the implementation of corrective measures if needed.
  • We identify and control project risks, implementing mitigation or contingency measures.
  • We guarantee the correct implementation of the client-approved requirements and manage any change in a controlled manner, analysing different alternative solutions and selecting, designing and implementing the solution that is best suited to the required functionality.
  • We ensure that the different system components are operating properly, integrated correctly and checked with the user, validating all the changes made in the project deliverables and ensuring the correct deployment of developments to the client's production environment.
  • We comply with the requirements of the laws in force applicable to our activity, the requirements of our clients and third parties, and our commitments to them.
  • We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information assets.
  • We ensure the availability of the information systems, whether in the services offered to our clients or in internal management.
  • We guarantee the agreed-upon responsiveness capacity in emergency situations, re-establishing critical service operations as fast as possible and designing a business continuity plan.

This corporate policy is understood, implemented and maintained up-to-date at every organisational level, with the total commitment and support of LOYIC management.

Updates to these corporate policies

  • Updated: January 12, 2021

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