SAP solution to reduce debt and non-payment ratios derived from real estate asset management fully integrated with Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX).


Our SAP analysts have developed this tool in response to the need many of our clients have for a solution that allows them to effectively control and manage default payments and reduce the rates of late payment.


It is a simple, robust and adaptable solution that facilitates and simplifies debt management right from the start. It is fully integrated into the standard SAP under the Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX) module. SAP already offered late payment management options, but none within RE-FX.


In addition to debt control and monitoring, the tool makes it possible to document, within the process itself, all the actions carried out and/or agreements reached to reduce it. It provides specific information on each contact and also general information which is of great value to the company.




Its main functionalities are:


  • Management of the actions of each contact person for the contract. Files or records are available for each ‘actor’ in which the debt, and each activity carried out to recover it, is controlled and monitored.
  • Management and control of the agreed debt settlement payment agreements. In the instance that an agreement is reached with the tenant for its recovery, there is a specific tab where the established fees, collection situation, expiration and amount of each of them can be followed up.
  • Automation of the management of deferred debt collections.
  • Settlement and final repayment of the debt with the previously agreed upon collections.
  • Automatic generation of provision based on the existing debt.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of existing payment records and agreements.
  • Automatic repayment according to criteria established for each client.