We here in LOYIC have developed a solution based on the standard SAP module to manage condominiums.

The tool combines different standard SAP modules, where the featured module is Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX), as well the use of SAP FIORI. Our SAP specialists have taken into account all the details to achieve an experience focused on the process of managing condominiums.

The SAP solution for managing condominiums has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to monitor and follow up on the activities from this business area. You'll have the necessary tools to work with clarity and transparency both from mobile devices as well as from your PC. You'll be able to sign up, set up and remove condominiums quickly and easily.

The main functionalities of the solution are:

  • Connecting/disconnecting properties within a condominium.
  • Connecting the representatives associated with the condominium.
  • Oversight of the condominium budget.
  • Generating and managing the condominium's receipts.
  • Managing the bill payment calendar.
  • Accounting and payment of bills.
  • Notification, follow up, and resolution of incidents within the condominium.
  • Notification and attendance of meetings called in order to manage the attached documentation and letters from the condominium.