Who we are

SAP specialists to help you improve and grow.

LOYIC is a SAP consulting company specialised in real estate management solutions. After 20 years developing and implementing asset management software, we've become a benchmark as a consultancy firm and for our training applied real estate management.


An advantage for your project


We have in-depth knowledge of everything that must be considered for your SAP integration project for Real Estate to be a success.

You'll immediately discover that our SAP consultants provide a competitive advantage for your project: their in-depth knowledge of the software includes all the real estate processes which are not covered by the standard version. In these cases, we define, build and implement the best solution.



On the other hand, based on our experience, we have defined our own Real Estate Process Maps Library, which helps us to be more efficient, reducing the time needed and risks when implementing the software.

  • FLEXIBLE. We know that budgets are limited..
  • TRANSPARENT. We tell you what we see, not what you want to hear.
  • COMMITTED. . If a problem seems difficult to solve, we give it our best. We don't stop until it's solved.