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Welcome to our current news section. Here you will find information of two types:

  • News related to LOYIC’s day-to-day work: Success stories with companies we work with; interviews with experts from our team; improvements implemented in our methodology; new SAP tools; milestones reached, etc. 
  • Events that we organise or have participated in, such as webinars or courses. 


Logo ISO

They attest that we comply with best practices in managing SAP maintenance services, and guarantee the security of the information we handle These certifications join the ISO/IEC 15504 and ISO/IEC 12207 certifications and CMMI maturity level 3 that we obtained previously…


Webinar LOYIC sobre SAP Cloud for Real Estate

Cada vez la tecnología está más presente en los edificios corporativos, gestionando el espació, aunando capacidades predictivas y gestión de los contratos de servicios de un edificio, SC4RE nos permite optimizar la gestión de los inmuebles, reduciendo y optimizando costes.