Do you want to join our project?

If you're looking for a fulfilling job where you feel listened to and valued, the message that we're about to send may interest you.

Since the objective is for both parties, you and us, to be equally satisfied with the professional relationship, the best thing is to put our cards on the table as soon as possible, don't you think?

We here in LOYIC are excited by:

  • Talent.
  • People who enjoy working in a team.
  • People who are motivated to keep learning, developing and improving.


And these are some of our 'weapons' to convince you:

  • Your talent is essential. And we will nurture it every day.
  • We'll help you get acclimated to your new position. Until you familiarise yourself with the work environment and colleagues (a promise: it won't take long), you'll have someone by your side who will tell you what is expected of you and what you have to do to achieve it.
  • We'll support you so that you are trained in the areas that you consider essential for your professional development and also to guide you, sharing our vision with you. Because if you grow, the team grows. Because what's good for you is good for everyone.
  • We'll recognise your good work and we'll apply the maxim by the great writer Charles Dickens for mistakes: "Every failure teaches a man something that he needed to learn".
  • You'll feel part of a spirited and committed group. You'll enjoy being together with your colleagues who will inspire you (and you surely will also inspire them). We're certain you'll be in contact with them outside the office as well.

What do you say, can we count on you?