We reinforce our commitment to Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació, while ensuring the wellbeing of our team

  • Within our internal Corporate Social Responsibility, we include a project together with this non-profit organisation, that works hard to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia

  • LOYIC team members with a close relative affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s will receive, if requested, free advice from the Foundation and a one-year quarterly follow-up



People who help people.

This is the essence of the project promoted by Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació, aimed at companies that have as one of their objectives, a desire to contribute to the improvement of society and the environment, and that also care about the wellbeing of their employees. At LOYIC, we pursue both goals rigorously and that is why we have decided to include the proposal in our internal Corporate Social Responsibility.

Thanks to this initiative, all LOYIC team members who have first-degree relatives (children, siblings, parents, grandparents or spouses) suffering from dementia / Alzheimer's may request free advice from the Foundation and quarterly monitoring for one year. The needs of the person and their family will be evaluated, recommendations will be presented, and solutions will be sought to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

Alzheimer's radically changes the lives of those who suffer from this terrible disease, but it also changes those of their relatives. The professionals from Alzheimer’s Catalunya Fundació bear witness to the impact and repercussions on people and their families, like no one else.

“After 30 years of experience, we know that people need support to be able to face this new stage in their lives. They need to have someone with them, and they need a feeling of warmth […]. We will understand their main concerns, we will provide support and guide them in looking for resources and tools for the care and attention of the people they love”, a spokesperson from the Foundation explains.

Effectively caring for an Alzheimer’s patient requires, according to experts' estimates, about 70 hours per week, a huge demand when added to the day-to-day work and social task and that in some instances means that caregivers find themselves going through periods of stress and depression.

At LOYIC we are clear that our main asset are the people who make up the company - now more than 80 of them - and that is why we have included this project in our internal Corporate Social Responsibility. We are convinced that our future will be characterised, in part, by our ability to ensure the wellbeing of our team and to enable them to fully develop both professionally and personally.

The Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació project perfectly matches our philosophy and what’s more, it gives continuity to another project launched with the same organisation just a year ago. We provided them with eight computers that had become obsolete for the high performance required for the area of SAP for Real Estate, but which were in perfect condition for office use.

With these types of actions, we aim to transmit our values, both to our fabulous team and our surroundings, of solidarity and support for the non-profit organisations that perform an extraordinary social function. Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació has worked tirelessly since 1988 to improve the quality of life of any person affected by dementia, and their families, a commendable work when we consider the disease’s huge impact:


  • Around the world, 47 million people are affected by some type of dementia and there are 10 million new diagnoses every year. In 2050 there will be 115 million Alzheimer's patients. There are already 800,000 cases diagnosed in Spain.  
  • 70 % of NON-professional caregivers are at risk of suffering bodily injuries and physiological disorders due to excess of work. Most say they feel disoriented and overwhelmed and recognise that they need help. While the patient is at home, a primary caregiver is needed, who is usually a close person and a woman.  
  • The progress of the disease can go on for up to 15 years. While the patient is at home, the family takes on more than 85 % of the cost of care, which is between 27,000 and 37,000 euros per year.