We optimise the LOYIC Laboratory in order to come even closer to excellence on introducing SAP RE-FX and other real estate management modules


Continuous improvement is one of the pillars of LOYIC’s business philosophy. If something is done well, ask how it could be done even better. And, if ways of making progress —which almost always exist— are found in this search, do everything possible to implement them. This principle has inspired all of our developments.

Also the progress made in LOYIC’s internal innovation space, which is launching a new name (‘LOYIC-LAB’) and is provided with a greater structure, allowing us to continue to move forward in the search for excellence on developing our solutions.

This technological environment has already borne fruit. It has led, for example, to our solutions based on Flexible Real Estate Management for the management of valuations, property owners’ associations, taxes and occupancy, which we have now optimised and, above all, organised, taking two main objectives into account:


  1. The development of new Add-ons for SAP RE-FX, of other solutions for real estate asset management which we consider to be strategic for our clients and commercially viable.  
  2. Facilitate feedback in the use of new technologies and/or procedures which can be applied during the different SAP consulting projects


The LOYIC Laboratory’s optimisation work has been developed mainly in the following areas:


We have improved them. We have enabled updated servers to work in S/4 and HANA environments, and to conduct developments in technologies such as FIORI and NEPTUNE, among others. The new environment created will moreover facilitate internal training and also client demos, which will be performed with the most advanced technology.



We have created a style guide to work in the LAB. This guide shows how to proceed in order to guarantee a common denominator on all levels (programmers, consultants or product development), in addition to ensuring that the BEST PRACTICES are fulfilled. We likewise work on test automation processes for our products, in a way that guarantees that all of the LAB’s developments are periodically tested, thus ensuring their quality.


  1. TEAM

As the projects are accepted, the teams to implement them will be assembled. The idea is that, as far as possible, everyone (consultants and programmers) can participate in a LAB project, but always guaranteeing that the product will have the expected quality. Pau Vilellas has been appointed LAB manager to ensure its smooth operation. Pau will run the department’s day-to-day activities together with Ángel Rosado.