SAP Cloud for Real Estate, the future in the cloud

ERP has a strong financial integration, handles analytics and Big Data and connects easily via the cloud to new web applications


The way in which we live, work and run businesses is changing. Digital transformation has created a growing demand for connectivity to mobile networks, an explosion of Big Data with the Internet of Things (IoT) and constant technological innovations. Now more than ever, efficiently managing a complex Real Estate project requires IT solutions which are connected in a simple way. At LOYIC we accept these changes, we take hold of them, and we present SAP Cloud for Real Estate, a cloud tool which can be used to face all the challenges of these new times.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate has a strong financial integration, it handles analytics and Big Data and easily connects through the cloud to new web applications. It uses the latest technology in visualisation to create a digital representation of a building. With these functionalities, the growing demand for generating more analysis and reports is accelerated. Information is obtained, analysed and transferred more easily and faster than ever. And all through an easy and intuitive interface.

The advantage of a cloud solution, built on SAP/4HANA Cloud Platform, is its great ease of use, rapid implementation and continuously installed updates without a need for intensive IT efforts. We can track, in real time, occupation, lease data and financial analysis. Immediate information that helps us optimise our management thanks to a cloud solution that also adapts to the new lease standards.

The future is SAP Cloud for Real Estate, with the guarantee of SAP and the experience of LOYIC to customise, implement and adapt it to the needs of each client.