Projects such as Grifols emphasise our growth and technical capabilities in the implementation of SAP RE-FX

The work we are carrying out for this multinational firm affirms that we are on the right track, providing the best practices in SAP Real Estate


2018 was an intense year at LOYIC - among our milestones was starting our new brand after the merger of 3AFyC and REM Solutions. Seeing the amount of exciting projects we have on the table, 2019 promises to be even more so.

Some come from afar, from companies with whom we have previously collaborated, and in knowing that we bring them value, they want to keep us close at hand. Others are relatively new projects, from large companies that have put their faith in LOYIC after assuring themselves of our profound vocation for service and their drive to do things right.

Grifols belongs to this last group. A multinational company from the pharmaceutical sector with whom we are working to implement the SAP RE-FX module for the management of lease contracts and to comply with the IFRS 16 regulation which came into force on 1st January.

We work with the standard versions, making the necessary small adjustments that allow us to adapt to the specific needs of the client. For this we have support from ABAP programmers. In addition to the regulatory compliance of IFRS 16, Grifols seeks to improve the management of its leases and establish better control over them.


SAP > Grifols > Consumer products industries > Life Sciences (Spain).


What is fundamental, is that both Grifols and our other clients continue to keep the same opinion: that they are in the hands of great professionals who feel passionate about their work and who strive to research and understand in detail the evolution of the available tools for SAP.


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