Our project with Desigual is a clear example of adapting to specific needs in the implementation of SAP RE-FX

  • At LOYIC we go far beyond the SAP module’s standard solutions for the management of real estate assets when our clients request it


An ability to adapt to the specific requirements or needs of a client is what marks the degree of maturity of a service company such as LOYIC. Those who have already reached the ‘peak’ know that the road ahead is demanding. It requires leaving behind your comfort zone, evolving and regularly acquiring new skills and abilities to be able to function in increasingly complex scenarios.

It is what we have been doing at LOYIC for many years (and continue to do) and what today enables us to take on projects such as that of Desigual. In knowing how to respond to the different situations presented to us by our clients, we have become a reference in consulting and training applied to real estate management.

With Desigual we have implemented SAP RE-FX in order to respond to local regulations with respect to the accounting of the leases of its different suppliers.

Periodic contract accounting processes have been carried out; accounting for fixed and variable income (as well as other expenses with amounts that are known in advance); prepaid income accrual with a regularity other than the monthly one; and the accounting and valuation of Rule IAS17 and local GAAPs.

Initially, the SAP RE-FX system had to carry out receipt and payment of invoices, though in the end this function will be performed through the Finance module (FI). This is why a customised process has been carried out that allows the comparison between the amount paid by Finance (FI) and the amount invoiced in RE-FX, in order to identify differences and confirm that the payment is correct in each case.

The project began in March 2018 and was implemented in December.


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