New SAP Cloud tool for wealth management

  • SAP Cloud for Real Estate is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) to optimise the organisation and management of corporate buildings and increase their profitability

  • One of its modules is especially useful in the de-escalation after the Covid-19 confinement, since it makes it possible to organise the available physical space and its occupation in a simple way, in accordance with the new regulations on distancing for workers

  • To complement this module, at LOYIC we have developed a mobile APP that employees can use to reserve their work space directly


Have you ever thought about all the aspects involved in the day-to-day operation of a corporate building? Control of vehicle access, employee access, management of lift operation, of the air conditioning system, of energy consumption, of the different physical spaces (offices, meeting rooms, café, canteens, individual work stations, etc.), invoices, rents, contracts, insurance, regulatory compliance….

In short, a series of elements that only provide an overview of everything that is happening in the facility if they are controlled and configured, while also making it possible to detect ‘inappropriate’ patterns for immediate correction. We are talking about valuable information for optimising different operations and getting the most out of them

This is the reason behind the development of the SAP Cloud for Real Estate: to handle the preventive and corrective maintenance of corporate buildings, from preparing maintenance plans to closing of the work order.

The solution, natively integrated in SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, is a natural response to the technological evolution that workplaces have experienced in recent years, with increasingly intelligent buildings equipped with a multitude of sensors that deliver very valuable data.

The idea is to collect, sort and manage information effectively, making the most of it to increase the overall productivity, transparency, quality and security of the property's services. This cloud solution is quick to deploy, easy to use, and includes analytics and big data.


Solution for managing the Covid-19 de-escalation

One of the tool’s modules is workspace management, which is especially useful in these times of de-escalation after the Covid-19 confinement. It makes it possible to simply and dynamically organise the physical space available in the building and its occupation, incorporating new regulations for worker distancing, which require at least 2 metres of separation to prevent or minimize the spread of the virus.


Some benefits of this module are:


  • Setting up floor plans and creating workspaces.
  • Visualization and analysis of the occupation of these spaces.
  • Monitoring desk availability by day.
  • Pairing workspaces with teams or individuals.
  • Planning and analysis of team situations.
  • Aligning workspace demand with actual capacities.


In addition to having suggested a data model in SAP C4RE, at LOYIC we have developed a mobile APP that complements this module. It allows employees to reserve their workspace themselves. The application also includes:


  • Relevant information on the de-escalation.
  • Alerts and messages.
  • QR code for booking access and verification.
  • Mapped view of the spaces.
  • Centralized management option.
  • Configuration of work schedules.


Other modules in SAP Cloud for Real Estate include:

  • Location Management. For better space management; to quickly assess the building’s financial performance and to understand the physical characteristics of each asset (floor, area, etc.)  
  • Contract and lease management. To make smart, real-time leasing decisions, comply with accounting standards (IFRS 16, US GAAP, etc.) and analyse all expenses.  
  • Embedded analytics. Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Geographic view, by property, type, state… to quickly see where the buildings are. Metrics and KPIs with information that makes it possible to better understand and manage cost generators, as well as identify over-utilized and under-utilized areas, among other functionalities.


You can click on this link and watch the recording of a webinar on SAP Cloud for Real Estate offered by Ferran Antonio, our Commercial Manager.


And if you need more information or want to watch a live demo, please contact us. We will gladly assist you.