LOYIC develops an important project with advanced SAP Fiori technology for Servihabitat

The work positions us as a leading company in the SAP RE-FX technology sector


At LOYIC we are tackling the construction phase of an important project worked on through advanced SAP Fiori technology. This is a job for Servihabitat that positions us as a leading company in the SAP RE-FX technology sector. SAP Fiori has been called to replace SAP ECC, as it is currently known, within a short period of time, and it has numerous new features that improve user experience and mobility, as well as other areas.

Some of the main benefits of taking this step forward and opting for SAP Fiori technology are:  

  • It customises and simplifies user experience, providing a role-based and consumer-oriented interface.  
  • It allows a move from the purely transactional interaction currently offered by SAP ECC, to a process-focused interaction.  
  • It eliminates the necessary validations and substitutions in SAP ECC so that the same transaction can be used at different times by different actors in the process.  
  • It focuses on mobility. It incorporates native solutions aimed at creating a collaborative web environment that allows it to be run from mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.