LOYIC becomes SAP partner of Movilizer

LOYIC has become SAP partner of Movilizer, a cloud-based enterprise mobility platform that seeks to boost the profitability of companies. Movilizer helps companies reinvent their businesses, while allowing them to interconnect and use the latest technology applicable on all types of mobile devices.

More than 200 multinationals are currently using Movilizer services, allowing them to manage and streamline their business processes in a single infrastructure that uses the same patterns and tools within a common design.

Movilizer is based on a model focused on multiple channels, in order for them to collaborate with different actors and support their associations. As part of the SAP partners Movilizer, LOYIC shares its experience with other firms and serves as a consultant specialised in SAP, specifically for mobile devices. LOYIC is committed to working closely with Movilizer, with the aim of guaranteeing quality excellence.