“The ‘Programming Book’ will allow us to further guarantee the quality of our work”

Interview with Cristian Casero, Programming Area Manager at LOYIC


  • Cristian Casero has recently updated the document, in collaboration with all the analysts and technical Team Leaders

  • The “Book” will be constantly evolving: every new good practice taken on in the implementation of SAP for Real Estate will be included


It is the detail that makes the difference.

Also in consulting for the implementation of SAP RE-FX solutions.

Paying attention to these details, and refining them, represents the leap between doing a good job for clients, and delivering impeccable work. Any company with a strong vocation for service knows it. It is precisely our obsession for doing things well in each phase and at each organisational level – part of LOYIC’s DNA since we began 20 years ago - that has driven us to recently update the “Programming Book”.

The main architect of this ‘fine-tuning’ was Cristian Casero, Programming Area Manager, and whose interview follows. He summarises his mood after completing the work: “It is important to have good practices that are well defined, to document them and to make them known outside the company, as it speaks highly of our organisation […]. It will allow us to further guarantee, if at all possible, the quality of the work we do”.


QUESTION. How would you describe the initiative that you developed? Exactly what did it entail?

ANSWER. It is an update of the programming standards or style book of LOYIC. It defines a series of guidelines to follow in the code that we develop, and in the technical designs that we formulate.

Q. What was the purpose of putting it into operation?

A. The main purpose of it is to allow us to further guarantee, if at all possible, the quality of the work we do. To do this, we try to make everything respond to the same pattern of development; we focus on those details that make a difference.

Q. Who was involved in its creation?

A. I did the writing myself, though some of the content hadn’t changed, such as the naming we use, for example. It is based on an original document written by David [García Morelli, CEO of LOYIC] which has been updated. All the analysts and technical Team Leaders took part in its creation, particularly in agreeing on the Best Practices that we all feel comfortable working with.

Q. Who does it concern?

A. The entire technical team directly, as they will follow the document, and the rest of the team indirectly, as they are the ones who end up receiving the product.

Q. Why has it been put into operation at this time? Are there further changes to the document planned in the short to medium-term?

A. The document already existed, but it has been extended to include some guidelines that we knew had to be followed but that hadn’t been written down. It is a document that will be continually updated. Every time we see that there is a particular good practice to follow, the document will be updated.