An entire team dedicated to making your SAP project for Real Estate (RE-FX) a success

Our Quality Control Policy pursues excellence at each organisational level prior to the final implementation of the SAP solutions that we develop


Imagine a ladder. In order to climb it easily, you would have to make sure that each of the steps or rungs was in perfect condition, wouldn’t you? They would need to be robust and even, without bumps or holes, so that each foot can be comfortably placed down to push up to the next one. Only then can the top be reached in the best conditions.

Well, it is this simple metaphor that helps us to explain how we deal with our day-to-day work at LOYIC.

Each phase or level that our SAP projects for Real Estate (RE-FX) pass through, from the moment we receive the consultation, to when we implement the final solution for the client, is for us a rung of the ladder leading to success. That is why we give our full attention and dedication to ensuring that each level is managed and developed in the best conditions, providing the strength, resistance and power necessary to guarantee a good ‘ascent’, and that work of an impeccable standard is delivered to the client.

And how do we achieve this? Some of the guidelines in our Quality Control Policy that are applied to all levels of our organisation are:


  1. We ensure that our employees (SAP consultants, SAP analysts, SAP developers...) are supplied with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their functions properly.  
  2. We are committed to the continual improvement of processes, procedures, products and services, through the use of quality indicators.  
  3. We use procedures, methodologies and standard working tools and we conduct internal audits to ensure their correct use.  
  4. We ensure that the planning of every project is up-to-date and the necessary follow-up and control procedures are carried out to guarantee compliance with the established objectives in terms of time, cost and quality.  
  5. We identify and control project risks and implement mitigation or contingency measures.  
  6. We guarantee the correct implementation of the requirements agreed with the client and manage any change in a controlled manner.  
  7. We analyse the different alternative solutions and select, design and implement the solution best suited to the required functionality.  
  8. We ensure that the different system components are operating properly and are correctly integrated.  
  9. Together with the user, we guarantee and validate that the system lives up to the expected functionality.  
  10. We control all the changes made in the project deliverables and ensure the correct deployments to the client’s production environment.


These are values and methodologies that we use in our day to day lives at LOYIC and that have helped us to become the top SAP consultant for Real Estate (RE-FX), with an ever-increasing portfolio of clients and of which many are included in the IBEX 35 companies

All our SAP experts (almost 90 professionals in our Barcelona and Madrid offices) dedicate quality time of their working day to understanding the evolution of the tools available to SAP, in continuous training and participating in forums and communities with other specialists. This translates into a detailed knowledge of the software, which we thing is the best guarantee for any SAP analyst.

This is what makes LOYIC a SAP consultancy that is rigorous in the advice and recommendations it offers its clients, agile in its response times, flexible in its views and one which is deeply committed to meeting the established expectations, even though we always strive to better them.

Contact us if we can help you with anything. We endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.