3A Formación y Consultoría (3AFyC) and REM Solutions have joined forces to create LOYIC

3A Formación y Consultoría (3AFyC) and REM Solutions have joined forces to create LOYIC, the best SAP technological consultancy for Real Estate. We're starting off on an exciting new stage with the same goal: excellent service for our clients.

Sometimes it's enough just to let things go their own course, without forcing the situations. This is how LOYIC was created, as a natural result of letting things flow. This project brings together the priceless experience –more than 20 years of it– and know-how in SAP consulting of the professional of its two predecessor companies, 3A Formación y Consultoría (3AFyC) and REM Solutions.

After several years of fruitful collaboration, it was time to join forces to continue moving forward together on what we've always pursued separately: to be the best SAP consulting company for Real Estate, which offers advice, solutions and highly-qualified developments to its clients so that they can improve their processes and become more profitable.

LOYIC inherits the same founding spirit that guided REM Solutions and 3AFyC, the conviction that with work –with a lot of work– and talent we can reach wherever we want to. We've managed to earn great recognition in the SAP market for Real Estate within a very short period of time, with excellent prospects for growth and a (well earned) reputation of doing things the right way and not smelling smoke and mirrors.

With each passing year we manage to attract new clients, many of which are listed on the IBEX 35. More importantly, we manage to earn the loyalty of our existing clients, who see us as their ideal SAP technological partner due to our efforts to always provide value to the projects (much more than implementing the standard solutions), as well as for our flexibility, transparency and commitment.

LOYIC's future will be whatever we want it to be. We clearly know what we want and also who will be the leaders on this amazing adventure: in addition to each and every one of the more than 80 professionals in our Barcelona and Madrid offices –every single one exceptional–, other new professionals will arrive and will surely share the same commitment and desire to learn and overcome challenges.

We have always wagered on TALENT, in capital letters, and TALENT is in people (with names and surnames). So we believe it is important to take care of them and to provide them with a work ecosystem where they feel good and can display their true splendour.

We're going to continue dedicating ourselves to this with the same intensity.

Thanks for putting your trust in us.